Is it easy running a small enterprise? It definitely is not, because you have to depend on yourself and only a handful of others to get things moving. Moreover, you are expected to work within a watertight budget when you are starting off. You may feel that this will not permit you to enjoy access to all the latest technological advancements for streamlining or automating business operations. However, this is not entirely true because there are many ways that you can use technology to boost your small business.

10 ways that technology can help your small business:

  1. CRM: No matter how unique your products are, you need to care for your customers and make them feel special; else, they will leave. This is why you need the right Customer Relationship Management or CRM software that can give you a solid client base. This will keep a record of all communications and enable you to up-sell and cross-sell with ease so that your revenues increase.
  2. Wi-Fi: Without this technology, you cannot connect with your target audience. To make sure your branding efforts bear fruit you need to create content for sharing with your customers. For everything that you want to communicate to your clients you will need limitless, secure internet connectivity.
  3. Automated robots: The introduction of robots has changed various industries including the  investment sector. With auto trading robots, investors can automate your trades with the computer program or algorithm, and make profit everyday.  The experience is seamless and the service guarantees customer satisfaction. Visit to learn how the bots work.
  4. Bookkeeping Software: Since the budget is always a sensitive matter for small businesses, you must have tools to keep track of it. And this is where technology helps by streamline your bookkeeping processes, guaranteeing security and accuracy. Processes of payrolls, taxes, invoices and other financial tasks can now be automated and you can be round to oversee the system.
  5. Analytics Tools: Studying buyer behaviors and analyzing customer buying patterns will help your business cater to its clients better. You can decide on the best marketing strategies for the future and assess the most successful communication methods and campaigns used. Tools like Google Analytics will offer you valuable insights into your client’s buying-preferences.
  6. Marketing Tactics: You can buy software to build a robust business plan that will highlight marketing tactics for boosting your revenues. For instance, you must start by creating an impressive site that will showcase your company products and services, and for this you will need the latest technologically-superior site-builder tools.
  7. Social Media Networking: The best way to promote small businesses these days is to resort to digital marketing through social media. Physical billboards are now passé; advertisements are now popping up on your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram.
  8. Remote Employees: Gone are the days when you had to be in the same place to get work done; now, internet connectivity has made it possible for you to share work with colleagues in different corners of the world in real time.
  9. Productivity Tools: In a small business you often have to wear many hats to get it on track. Delegating tasks can be a challenge; this is where technology can help. There are plenty of time-tracking tools and apps and productivity tools like calendars and to-do lists that can resolve this problem.
  10. Security: This is perhaps the most important sphere where technology is imperative for the small business. Without technology, you cannot prevent hacking and cyber thefts. With encrypted passwords and effective firewalls, you can safeguard your customer data against hackers.